LUFA 120219 Beta Release, Basket Cases

” I miss sitting”. That’s something I’ve said a few times this week, and it’s still relevant – we haven’t managed to buy a table and chairs yet, so we’re still sitting on the floor half the time, much to the protestations of my backside. We really need to find some soft seating pronto, or a good local Chiropractor.

After weeks of no snow at all, Trondheim was looking positively barren – I was able to make out the street pavement under a nice sheet of back-breaking ice. However, that all changed Saturday morning, when I found myself watching a big snowstorm out our window. We managed to get a heck of a lot of snow all in one day:


Thanks to that, all the streets once again look like real respectable Norwegian streets in the wintertime:

Which also means I can think about going skiing again, as well as look forward to being able to walk around without worrying about falling over. Insert sigh of relief here.


Last night I went out with Anika to a “Basket Party” organized by our Ex-Pat office, which is the Norwegian equivalent to what Aussies call a “Pot Luck” dinner. Here everyone brought a dish from their country for everyone to try – and with so many people from different countries, it made for good (and interesting!) eating. I managed to stuff myself full of French Quiche, Norwegian Fish Soup (which was damned good), various dips and bread, and a ton of multicultural desserts. After scratching our heads for a while we ended up making Lamingtons, due to their simplicity – we haven’t got much in the way of cooking equipment yet – and their unique Australian origin. Here’s a chunk of the group after we all finished our meal:

Pretty fun night, and I am always in favor of anything that will leave me well fed. A couple more recent photos here, in my Flikr stream.


On to LUFA news: I’ve just released the new beta of LUFA-120219. This version contains far less groundbreaking changes than I would have liked, but due to the personal turmoil over the last few months owing to my completion of University and move to Trondheim to work at Atmel I haven’t been able to dedicate my full attention to it. That’s starting to change, as while I don’t currently have any development equipment with me at home, I should be able to resume coding and test it remotely through other means. That said, this release does contain a few critical fixes, a new Android Accessory Host demo and class driver, support for the Micropendous line of boards and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Again, since I can’t do thorough testing now that I’m half way across the world from my equipment, I’m relying on the greater community to alert me to any serious flaws before this becomes a “full” release. If you have the time, please download and try it out, and don’t forget to report back with any problems!


LUFA-120219 BETA Package: Download

Documentation: Download, Online

Support: LUFA Mailing List

Changelog: Online Version (Yes, I know I forgot to fix up the version number here)


Thanks again to everyone who’s helped in this release cycle, both through bug reports and new ideas.


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Bean bags man! Your bum will thank you …


Hello Dean,
can I use the new LUFA with the “XMEGA-A1 Xplained” ? (UC3-A3 Xplained) I mean the Xplained as AVRISPmkII,


The LUFA core is ported to the AVR32 architecture, but the demos and applications aren’t – so no, unless you are willing to port over the contents of the AVRISP-MKII Clone project.

– Dean


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