About Me

My name is Dean Camera, and this is my website for my Blog and Personal Projects - all of which are open source, so feel free to download them and try them out.

I am a 35 year old Australian, currently living in Melbourne. I completed my double degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering over the 2007-2011 period, and shortly after was offered a position as an Applications Engineer working at Atmel Norway, which I immediately accepted. After two years I decided to move back to Australia, where I spent 18 months working locally as an Embedded Firmware Engineer at LIFX. I'm now a Senior Software Engineer working for Blackmagic Design.

As a hobby I write code in a variety of languages, on systems ranging from tiny microcontrollers with only a few KB of memory, up to many-core desktop systems. I got my first programming experience back when I was only 7 or so years old, programming in LOGO for the Microworlds educational software. Since then I progressed to Visual Basic 6 so I could write custom frontends for my LEGO Mindstorms toys, before moving on to C, C#, Python and Java amongst other technologies.

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Vital Stats

  • 35 Years Old
  • Australian
  • Lover of embedded systems
  • Firmware engineer
  • Self-Proclaimed Geek

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