And the results are in…

Paraphrased from an email I received yesterday evening (EDIT: Thanks to my ever-present proof-reader Ross, text fixed.):

Dear Dean,

Results have been finalised for one or more of your units. Your results in all units in the course for which a result has been finalised are listed below.

The results are correct as at 10/12/2011 8:50:12AM

Course: Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Five years in the making. Woohoo!


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Dean, many congrats, man. Awesome!


Many congratulations Dean. We knew you could do it!

Did the Uni really spell it as “Bachelour”?

Pedant Ross


It’s abbreviated “Bach” in the email – all typos and mistakes are solely mine. I’ll fix that up now :P.

– Dean


Congratulations Dean! Looking forward to seeing you back in Trondheim in January.


Taak Andreas! I was wondering if you guys had heard yet :). I bet Jacob will be pleased, since this makes me officially employable…

– Dean


oh, so close, “taak” -> “takk” 🙂 I really don’t think there was any doubt you’d pass 🙂

btw; the snow just started falling last week, so you’re in for a real winter when you get here – ( ).


Dagnabit. I wish I could blame that one on a typo, but sadly I haven’t been keeping up with the smatterings of Norwegian I learned last time — too busy during the year, but I’ll give it another go when I get back. Doesn’t help that everyone seems to speak English exclusively however…

As for the snow, I’ve bought a slightly better jacket and some snow pants, so I can look forward to it this time :).

– Dean


Hi Dean,
I had been trying to get the audio device demo working with at90usb162, the read-me file tells that it is supported series 4 and + devices only, I could get the file playing but its very slow a 5 second audio take 12 seconds to play what could I do to play the sample using at90usb162 micro,
Prashanth. G


Hi Dean,

congratulations and Happy Cristmas.


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