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Just a quick update – ever since Twitter decided they were too awesome for public RSS feeds (prompting me to remove my feed from my site, because screw having to go through their Auth-APIs for public posts) it’s been harder to put up tiny tid-bits of news between posts. It’s currently 40-something degrees Celcius and it feels like my clothing is about to catch fire, so I’ll be brief. Two things of note for today.

A week ago I released an initial version of DMBS, my GNU Make modular build system, currently targeted at AVR8, AVR32 and XMEGA sub-architectures. Eagle-eyed users will note that it’s actually just a slightly modified version of the build system in LUFA, which I’ve updated to remove all the LUFA specific functionality. Check it out on GitHub here. It’s a simple project that aims to remove all the redundancies from the common makefiles that most AVR people use (sourced from mfile/WinAVR) while adding much more functionality. I’ve released it into the public domain, so now no-one has an excuse for carting around a 100KB makefile full of cruft for each of their projects.

Also new is that Atmel threw up the video taken in my old office a month ago, which demo’s the final project I was assigned to: a SAM D20 based GPS Tracker. Video-only for now, however no doubt the code and application note will follow soon. Even if you hate the idea of locating things easily, at least check it out to see my old stomping grounds and some of my old co-workers. I’m in there too in a couple of shots, but only for a brief moment. EDIT: Tracker schematics, source code and application note are now live as AT03821.

Speaking of things throwing up, I start my new job in only a couple of days. Eek.


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Option Explicit (Matt)

Wow Dean, I stop by for a visit and find your life has gone all topsy-turvy 🙂 But you landed on your feet with a cool-sounding job – hope it works out well for you!


Thanks Matt! It’s certainly a new direction, but so far seems to be working out. Keeps things interesting, at least — but I do wish I could go back to having some darn free time to get things done again! What are you up to these days?

– Dean

Option Explicit (Matt)

Oh, I’m keeping busy working, paying bills, and apparently paying my girlfriend’s bills as well 🙁 Nothing real exciting. Starting a week’s vacation today, I need it badly. Oh, and if you ever need any Photoshops done, I’m your man – kind of got addicted to it 😀


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