To bring you this very special announcement. She said yes!

We're engaged!

We’re engaged!


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Congratulations Dean!


Hi Dean,

Congrats to both you and the missus from everyone here at the office!


Thanks Skinny P, Andreas, and all the rest! I’m very excited, as you can imagine :).

– Dean


But where are the invitations? It’s been several hours already… We started pushing Ivar to have an internal training / teambuiling down-under.


All things in due time my good man! No brown cheese please, Morten already brought some with him two weeks ago, so we’re all set until the heat death of the universe down here…

– Dean


Wishing you all the best, Dean!


Congrats Deen!!! Now you have better wiring on your schetch.
Wish you the best.


congratulations., for the prompt joint. I give infinite thanks for this medium., its tuturial taught me a lot., I have translated into Castilian (Spanish)., and placed at your disposal on personal message., in avrfreak. , for approval or publication here a warm greeting., john


Fantastic John – and thanks! Sure, you’re welcome to translate and publish the tutorials wherever you like.

– Dean


Best of Luck man!


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