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HID_ReportInfo_t Struct Reference

HID Parser State Structure. More...

#include <HIDParser.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t TotalReportItems
HID_ReportItem_t ReportItems [HID_MAX_REPORTITEMS]
HID_CollectionPath_t CollectionPaths [HID_MAX_COLLECTIONS]
uint8_t TotalDeviceReports
HID_ReportSizeInfo_t ReportIDSizes [HID_MAX_REPORT_IDS]
uint16_t LargestReportSizeBits
bool UsingReportIDs

Detailed Description

Type define for a complete processed HID report, including all report item data and collections.

Field Documentation

All collection items, referenced by the report items.

Largest report that the attached device will generate, in bits

Report sizes for each report in the interface

Report items array, including all IN, OUT and FEATURE items.

Number of reports within the HID interface

Total number of report items stored in the ReportItems array.

Indicates if the device has at least one REPORT ID element in its HID report descriptor.

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