LUFA Library  120219
HID_ReportItem_t Struct Reference

HID Parser Report Item Details Structure. More...

#include <HIDParser.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t BitOffset
uint8_t ItemType
uint16_t ItemFlags
uint8_t ReportID
HID_ReportItem_Attributes_t Attributes
uint32_t Value
uint32_t PreviousValue

Detailed Description

Type define for a report item (IN, OUT or FEATURE) layout attributes and other details.

Field Documentation

Bit offset in the IN, OUT or FEATURE report of the item.

Item data flags, a mask of HID_IOF_* constants.

Report item type, a value in HID_ReportItemTypes_t.

Previous value of the report item.

Report ID this item belongs to, or 0x00 if device has only one report

Current value of the report item - use HID_ALIGN_DATA() when processing a retrieved value so that it is aligned to a specific type.

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