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USB_Descriptor_Interface_Association_t Struct Reference

Standard USB Interface Association Descriptor (LUFA naming conventions). More...

#include <StdDescriptors.h>

Data Fields

USB_Descriptor_Header_t Header
uint8_t FirstInterfaceIndex
uint8_t TotalInterfaces
uint8_t Class
uint8_t SubClass
uint8_t Protocol
uint8_t IADStrIndex

Detailed Description

Type define for a standard Interface Association Descriptor. This structure uses LUFA-specific element names to make each element's purpose clearer.

This descriptor has been added as a supplement to the USB2.0 standard, in the ECN located at It allows composite devices with multiple interfaces related to the same function to have the multiple interfaces bound together at the point of enumeration, loading one generic driver for all the interfaces in the single function. Read the ECN for more information.

See also:
USB_StdDescriptor_Interface_Association_t for the version of this type with standard element names.
Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

Interface class ID.

Index of the first associated interface.

Descriptor header, including type and size.

Index of the string descriptor describing the interface association.

Interface protocol ID.

Interface subclass ID.

Total number of associated interfaces.

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