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SCSI_Inquiry_Response_t Struct Reference

Mass Storage Class SCSI Inquiry Structure. More...

#include <MassStorageClassCommon.h>

Data Fields

unsigned DeviceType: 5
unsigned PeripheralQualifier: 3
unsigned Reserved: 7
unsigned Removable: 1
uint8_t Version
unsigned ResponseDataFormat: 4
unsigned Reserved2: 1
unsigned NormACA: 1
unsigned TrmTsk: 1
unsigned AERC: 1
uint8_t AdditionalLength
uint8_t Reserved3 [2]
unsigned SoftReset: 1
unsigned CmdQue: 1
unsigned Reserved4: 1
unsigned Linked: 1
unsigned Sync: 1
unsigned WideBus16Bit: 1
unsigned WideBus32Bit: 1
unsigned RelAddr: 1
uint8_t VendorID [8]
uint8_t ProductID [16]
uint8_t RevisionID [4]

Detailed Description

Type define for a SCSI Inquiry structure. Structures of this type are filled out by the device via the MS_Host_GetInquiryData() function, retrieving the attached device's information.

For details of the structure contents, refer to the SCSI specifications.

Field Documentation

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