LUFA Library  120219
MS_CommandBlockWrapper_t Struct Reference

Mass Storage Class Command Block Wrapper. More...

#include <MassStorageClassCommon.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t Signature
uint32_t Tag
uint32_t DataTransferLength
uint8_t Flags
uint8_t LUN
uint8_t SCSICommandLength
uint8_t SCSICommandData [16]

Detailed Description

Type define for a Command Block Wrapper, used in the Mass Storage Bulk-Only Transport protocol.

Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

Length of the optional data portion of the issued command, in bytes.

Command block flags, indicating command data direction.

Logical Unit number this command is issued to.

Issued SCSI command in the Command Block.

Length of the issued SCSI command within the SCSI command data array.

Command block signature, must be MS_CBW_SIGNATURE to indicate a valid Command Block.

Unique command ID value, to associate a command block wrapper with its command status wrapper.

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