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CDC_LineEncoding_t Struct Reference

CDC Virtual Serial Port Line Encoding Settings Structure. More...

#include <CDCClassCommon.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t BaudRateBPS
uint8_t CharFormat
uint8_t ParityType
uint8_t DataBits

Detailed Description

Type define for a CDC Line Encoding structure, used to hold the various encoding parameters for a virtual serial port.

Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

Baud rate of the virtual serial port, in bits per second.

Character format of the virtual serial port, a value from the CDC_LineEncodingFormats_t enum.

Bits of data per character of the virtual serial port.

Parity setting of the virtual serial port, a value from the CDC_LineEncodingParity_t enum.

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