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Device.h File Reference

Common USB Device definitions for all architectures. More...

#include "../../../Common/Common.h"
#include "USBMode.h"
#include "StdDescriptors.h"
#include "USBInterrupt.h"
#include "Endpoint.h"
#include "AVR8/Device_AVR8.h"


enum  USB_Device_States_t {
  DEVICE_STATE_Unattached = 0,
  DEVICE_STATE_Powered = 1,
  DEVICE_STATE_Default = 2,
  DEVICE_STATE_Addressed = 3,
  DEVICE_STATE_Configured = 4,
  DEVICE_STATE_Suspended = 5


uint16_t CALLBACK_USB_GetDescriptor (const uint16_t wValue, const uint8_t wIndex, const void **const DescriptorAddress, uint8_t *MemoryAddressSpace) ATTR_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT ATTR_NON_NULL_PTR_ARG(3)

Detailed Description

USB Device mode related definitions common to all architectures. This module contains definitions which are used when the USB controller is initialized in device mode.

This file should not be included directly. It is automatically included as needed by the USB driver dispatch header located in LUFA/Drivers/USB/USB.h.
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