LUFA Library  210130
On-chip Peripheral Drivers

Functions, macros, variables, enums and types related to the control of AVR subsystems. More...


 ADC Driver - LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/ADC.h
 Hardware Analogue-to-Digital converter driver.
 Master SPI Mode Serial USART Driver - LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/SerialSPI.h
 Hardware SPI Master Mode Serial USART driver.
 SPI Driver - LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/SPI.h
 Hardware Serial Peripheral Interface driver.
 Serial USART Driver - LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/Serial.h
 Hardware Serial USART driver.
 TWI Driver - LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/TWI.h
 Hardware Two Wire Interface (I2C) driver.

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