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The DOXYGEN build module

The DOXYGEN code documentation utility LUFA build system module, providing targets to generate project HTML and other format documentation from a set of source files that include special Doxygen comments.

To use this module in your application makefile, add the following code:

include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/


This module requires the doxygen utility from the Doxygen website ( to be available in your system's PATH variable. On *nix systems the doxygen utility can be installed via the project's source code or through the package manager.


doxygen Generate project documentation.
doxygen_create Create a new Doxygen configuration file using the latest template.
doxygen_upgrade Upgrade an existing Doxygen configuration file to the latest template

Mandatory Parameters

LUFA_PATH Path to the LUFA library core, either relative or absolute (e.g. ../LUFA-000000/LUFA/).

Optional Parameters

DOXYGEN_CONF Name and path of the base Doxygen configuration file for the project.
DOXYGEN_FAIL_ON_WARNING Set to Y to fail the generation with an error exit code if warnings are found other than unsupported configuration parameters, N to continue without failing.
DOXYGEN_OVERRIDE_PARAMS Extra Doxygen configuration parameters to apply, overriding the corresponding config entry in the project's configuration file (e.g. QUIET=YES).

Module Provided Variables


Module Provided Macros