LUFA Commercial License

Commercial entities may be interested in purchasing a company-wide commercial license, which gives them the right to use LUFA within the company, without being subject to the attribution clause of the MIT license that the free version of LUFA is distributed under. This means that with a commercial license, you are free of all obligations to clearly indicate the use of the LUFA project within your commercial product's documentation.

Purchasing a license to use LUFA commercially has added benefits over the free version, other than supporting the author's development of future projects and products. With a US$1500 commercial license to use LUFA, you get:

  • The right to use LUFA without attribution
  • Priority over support and feature requests
  • Three free hours of consultation with the author to help develop your product

Commercial LUFA licenses are perpetual; once purchased, you have the right to use all current and future versions of LUFA commercially subject to the altered license. You do not have to re-purchase a licence each time a new version of LUFA is released.

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial license to use LUFA, please download the order form below, fill it out, and email it to me so that you can be invoiced.


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