Java 3D Renderer (2007)

This small project is a basic software 3D renderer written in Java as both practice in the language and for my own amusement. This is my first attempt at any sort of 3D graphics, thus the result is rather poor efficiency-wise, but easy to understand.

Java 3D Renderer

Unlike modern hardware-accelerated 3D applications, this code will render a 3D model (and light it) using basic triangles, calculating the position and colours of which via some trig mathematics. Files rendered are in the "s3o" format, which is a basic and straight-forward file format devised by my friend Alan. The loading code is fully self-contained and may be replaced to load in any file format desired.

The code is simple, well structured and easy to understand, even by those new to Java, 3D Programming (or both). Usage is simple: call "java Engine {model filename}" from the command line to spawn a new window showing the model with a few defaults set. Lights, positions and such can be set in and


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  • Australian
  • Lover of embedded systems
  • Firmware engineer
  • Self-Proclaimed Geek

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