DeepLook (2005)

Written in Visual Basic 6, DeepLook is an advanced project analyser and profiler. It can scan VB6 and (to a limited extent) early VB.NET projects and give a full output detailing the number of lines, project dependancies and potentially malicious code in the project.

DeepLook Software Interface

Once scanned, a project's results can be viewed in summary as a text or XML report. These reports can also be exported for later viewing or transfer. One of the most-used features of DeepLook is its ability to automatically copy over all the referenced DLL, OCX and other resource files from a project into a given folder, so that the application can run on different systems without worry of missing dependencies.

PSC Winner Logo

DeepLook has won two monthly coding contests on Planet Source Code when it was submitted.


Vital Stats

  • 35 Years Old
  • Australian
  • Lover of embedded systems
  • Firmware engineer
  • Self-Proclaimed Geek

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