LUFA Library  210130
The LUFA Build System

Overview of the LUFA Build System

The LUFA build system was originally an attempt at making a set of re-usable, modular build make files which could be referenced in a LUFA powered project, to minimize the amount of code required in an application makefile.

As it turned out to be fairly generic in nature, it was split out into its own separate project, called DMBS (Dean's Makefile Build System) which is released into the public domain. LUFA-specific portions of the LUFA build system extend DMBS, and provide a universal build system for all LUFA projects.

The latest DMBS project information and documentation can be found at:

DMBS is written in GNU Make, and each module is independent of one-another.

LUFA now uses DMBS for its build system, with some LUFA specific extension modules.

If you have problems building using LUFA, see Troubleshooting Information for resolution steps.