LUFA Library  210130
Building as a Linkable Library

The LUFA library can be built as a proper linkable library (with the extension .a) under AVR-GCC, so that the library does not need to be recompiled with each revision of a user project. Instructions for creating a library from a given source tree can be found in the AVR-GCC user manual included in the WinAVR install /Docs/ directory.

However, building the library is not recommended, as the static (compile-time) options will be unable to be changed without a recompilation of the LUFA code. Therefore, if the library is to be built from the LUFA source, it should be made to be application-specific and compiled with the static options that are required for each project (which should be recorded along with the library).

Normal library use has the library components compiled in at the same point as the application code, as demonstrated in the library demos and applications. This is the preferred method, as the library is recompiled each time to ensure that all static options for a particular application are applied.