LUFA Library
USB_Pipe_Table_t Struct Reference

#include <Pipe.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t Address
uint8_t Banks
uint8_t EndpointAddress
uint16_t Size
uint8_t Type

Detailed Description

Type define for a pipe table entry, used to configure pipes in groups via Pipe_ConfigurePipeTable().

Field Documentation

◆ Address

uint8_t USB_Pipe_Table_t::Address

Address of the pipe to configure, or zero if the table entry is to be unused.

◆ Banks

uint8_t USB_Pipe_Table_t::Banks

Number of hardware banks to use for the pipe.

◆ EndpointAddress

uint8_t USB_Pipe_Table_t::EndpointAddress

Address of the endpoint in the connected device.

◆ Size

uint16_t USB_Pipe_Table_t::Size

Size of the pipe bank, in bytes.

◆ Type

uint8_t USB_Pipe_Table_t::Type

Type of the endpoint, a EP_TYPE_* mask.

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