LUFA Library
USB_Descriptor_Header_t Struct Reference

Standard USB Descriptor Header (LUFA naming conventions). More...

#include <StdDescriptors.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t Size
uint8_t Type

Detailed Description

Type define for all descriptors' standard header, indicating the descriptor's length and type. This structure uses LUFA-specific element names to make each element's purpose clearer.

See also
USB_StdDescriptor_Header_t for the version of this type with standard element names.
Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

◆ Size

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Header_t::Size

Size of the descriptor, in bytes.

◆ Type

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Header_t::Type

Type of the descriptor, either a value in USB_DescriptorTypes_t or a value given by the specific class.

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