LUFA Library
USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t Struct Reference

HID Class Host Mode Configuration and State Structure. More...

#include <HIDClassHost.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   USB_Pipe_Table_t   DataINPipe
   USB_Pipe_Table_t   DataOUTPipe
   uint8_t   HIDInterfaceProtocol
   HID_ReportInfo_t *   HIDParserData
struct {
   bool   DeviceUsesOUTPipe
   uint16_t   HIDReportSize
   uint8_t   InterfaceNumber
   bool   IsActive
   uint8_t   LargestReportSize
   bool   SupportsBootProtocol
   bool   UsingBootProtocol

Detailed Description

Class state structure. An instance of this structure should be made within the user application, and passed to each of the HID class driver functions as the HIDInterfaceInfo parameter. This stores each HID interface's configuration and state information.

Field Documentation

◆ Config

struct { ... } USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::Config

Config data for the USB class interface within the device. All elements in this section must be set or the interface will fail to enumerate and operate correctly.

◆ DataINPipe

USB_Pipe_Table_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::DataINPipe

Data IN Pipe configuration table.

◆ DataOUTPipe

USB_Pipe_Table_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::DataOUTPipe

Data OUT Pipe configuration table.

◆ DeviceUsesOUTPipe

bool USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::DeviceUsesOUTPipe

Indicates if the current interface instance uses a separate OUT data pipe for OUT reports, or if OUT reports are sent via the control pipe instead.

◆ HIDInterfaceProtocol

uint8_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::HIDInterfaceProtocol

HID interface protocol value to match against if a specific boot subclass protocol is required, a protocol value from the HID_Descriptor_ClassSubclassProtocol_t enum.

◆ HIDParserData

HID_ReportInfo_t* USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::HIDParserData

HID parser data to store the parsed HID report data, when boot protocol is not used.

When the HID_HOST_BOOT_PROTOCOL_ONLY compile time token is defined, this field is unavailable.

◆ HIDReportSize

uint16_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::HIDReportSize

Size in bytes of the HID report descriptor in the device.

◆ InterfaceNumber

uint8_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::InterfaceNumber

Interface index of the HID interface within the attached device.

◆ IsActive

bool USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::IsActive

Indicates if the current interface instance is connected to an attached device, valid after HID_Host_ConfigurePipes() is called and the Host state machine is in the Configured state.

◆ LargestReportSize

uint8_t USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::LargestReportSize

Largest report the device will send, in bytes.

◆ State

struct { ... } USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::State

State data for the USB class interface within the device. All elements in this section may be set to initial values, but may also be ignored to default to sane values when the interface is enumerated.

◆ SupportsBootProtocol

bool USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::SupportsBootProtocol

Indicates if the current interface instance supports the HID Boot Protocol when enabled via HID_Host_SetBootProtocol().

◆ UsingBootProtocol

bool USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t::UsingBootProtocol

Indicates that the interface is currently initialized in Boot Protocol mode

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