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HID_ReportInfo_t Struct Reference

HID Parser State Structure. More...

#include <HIDParser.h>

Data Fields

HID_CollectionPath_t CollectionPaths [HID_MAX_COLLECTIONS]
uint16_t LargestReportSizeBits
HID_ReportSizeInfo_t ReportIDSizes [HID_MAX_REPORT_IDS]
HID_ReportItem_t ReportItems [HID_MAX_REPORTITEMS]
uint8_t TotalDeviceReports
uint8_t TotalReportItems
bool UsingReportIDs

Detailed Description

Type define for a complete processed HID report, including all report item data and collections.

Field Documentation

◆ CollectionPaths

HID_CollectionPath_t HID_ReportInfo_t::CollectionPaths[HID_MAX_COLLECTIONS]

All collection items, referenced by the report items.

◆ LargestReportSizeBits

uint16_t HID_ReportInfo_t::LargestReportSizeBits

Largest report that the attached device will generate, in bits

◆ ReportIDSizes

HID_ReportSizeInfo_t HID_ReportInfo_t::ReportIDSizes[HID_MAX_REPORT_IDS]

Report sizes for each report in the interface

◆ ReportItems

HID_ReportItem_t HID_ReportInfo_t::ReportItems[HID_MAX_REPORTITEMS]

Report items array, including all IN, OUT and FEATURE items.

◆ TotalDeviceReports

uint8_t HID_ReportInfo_t::TotalDeviceReports

Number of reports within the HID interface

◆ TotalReportItems

uint8_t HID_ReportInfo_t::TotalReportItems

Total number of report items stored in the ReportItems array.

◆ UsingReportIDs

bool HID_ReportInfo_t::UsingReportIDs

Indicates if the device has at least one REPORT ID element in its HID report descriptor.

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