LUFA Library
LUFA SOURCES extension module for DMBS

The LUFA SOURCES extension more for DMBS provides LUFA specific variables listing the various LUFA source files required to be build by a project for a given LUFA module. This module gives a way to reference LUFA source files symbolically, so that changes to the library structure do not break the library makefile.

To use this module in your application makefile, add the following code:

include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/LUFA/





Mandatory Parameters

LUFA_PATH Path to the LUFA library core, either relative or absolute (e.g. ../LUFA-000000/LUFA/).
ARCH Architecture of the target processor (see Device and Hardware Support).

Optional Parameters


Module Provided Variables

LUFA_SRC_USB List of LUFA USB driver source files.
LUFA_SRC_USBCLASS List of LUFA USB Class driver source files.
LUFA_SRC_TEMPERATURE List of LUFA temperature sensor driver source files.
LUFA_SRC_SERIAL List of LUFA Serial U(S)ART driver source files.
LUFA_SRC_TWI List of LUFA TWI driver source files.
LUFA_SRC_PLATFORM List of LUFA architecture specific platform management source files.

Module Provided Macros