LUFA Library
LUFA GCC extension module for DMBS

The LUFA GCC extension module for the standard DMBS GCC module extends the latter to support the compilation of LUFA powered projects. It should be imported into your LUFA powered project makefiles to ensure that the correct build settings are used for the project's configuration.

To use this module in your application makefile, add the following code:

include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/LUFA/


This module should be included in your makefile *after* the DMBS GCC module.



Mandatory Parameters

LUFA_PATH Path to the LUFA library core, either relative or absolute (e.g. ../LUFA-000000/LUFA/).

Optional Parameters

BOARD LUFA board hardware drivers to use (see Device and Hardware Support).

Module Provided Variables


Module Provided Macros