LUFA Library  151115
VID and PID values

VID and PID Allocations

The LUFA library uses VID/PID combinations generously donated by Atmel. The following VID/PID combinations are used within the LUFA demos, and thus may be re-used by derivations of each demo. Free PID values may be used by future LUFA demo projects.

These VID/PID values should not be used in commercial designs under any circumstances. Private projects may use the following values freely, but must accept any collisions due to other LUFA derived private projects sharing identical values. It is suggested that private projects using interfaces compatible with existing demos share the same VID/PID value.

0x03EB 0x2040 Test VID/PID (See The Test VID/PID Combination)
0x03EB 0x2041 Mouse Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2042 Keyboard Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2043 Joystick Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2044 CDC Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2045 Mass Storage Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2046 Audio Output Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2047 Audio Input Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2048 MIDI Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2049 MagStripe Project
0x03EB 0x204A CDC Class Bootloader
0x03EB 0x204B USB to Serial Demo Application
0x03EB 0x204C RNDIS Demo Application
0x03EB 0x204D Combined Keyboard and Mouse Demo Application
0x03EB 0x204E Dual CDC Demo Application
0x03EB 0x204F Generic HID Demo Application
0x03EB 0x2060 Benito Programmer Project
0x03EB 0x2061 Combined Mass Storage and Keyboard Demo
0x03EB 0x2062 Combined CDC and Mouse Demo
0x03EB 0x2063 Mass Storage/HID Interface Datalogger Project
0x03EB 0x2064 Interfaceless Control-Only LUFA Devices
0x03EB 0x2065 Test and Measurement Demo
0x03EB 0x2066 Multiple Report Keyboard/Mouse HID Demo
0x03EB 0x2067 HID Class Bootloader
0x03EB 0x2068 Virtual Serial/Mass Storage Demo
0x03EB 0x2069 Webserver Project
0x03EB 0x206A Media Control Project
0x03EB 0x206B Printer Class Bootloader
0x03EB 0x206C Bulk Vendor Demo Application
0x03EB 0x206D Dual MIDI Demo Application
0x03EB 0x206E Currently Unallocated
0x03EB 0x206F Currently Unallocated

The Test VID/PID Combination

For use in testing of LUFA powered devices during development only, by non-commercial entities. All devices must accept collisions on this VID/PID range (from other in-development LUFA devices) to be resolved by using a unique release number in the Device Descriptor. No devices using this VID/PID combination may be released to the general public.