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Atmel 32-Bit UC3 AVR (UC3)
The AVR32 UC3 device support is currently experimental, and is included for preview purposes only.

Supported Microcontroller Models

Currently supported UC3 models:

Part USB Device Mode USB Host Mode
AT32UC3A364 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A364S Yes Yes
AT32UC3A464 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A464S Yes Yes
AT32UC3B064 Yes Yes
AT32UC3B164 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A0128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A1128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A3128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A3128S Yes Yes
AT32UC3A4128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A4128S Yes Yes
AT32UC3B0128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3B1128 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A0256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A1256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A3256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A3256S Yes Yes
AT32UC3A4256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A4256S Yes Yes
AT32UC3B0256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3B1256 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A0512 Yes Yes
AT32UC3A1512 Yes Yes
AT32UC3B0512 Yes Yes
AT32UC3B1512 Yes Yes

Supported Atmel Boards

Currently supported Atmel UC3 boards (see Board Types):

  • EVK1100
  • EVK1101
  • EVK1104
  • UC3-A3 Xplained

Supported Third Party Boards

Currently supported third-party boards (see Board Types for makefile BOARD constant names):