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The LUFA Build System

Overview of the LUFA Build System

The LUFA build system is an attempt at making a set of re-usable, modular build make files which can be referenced in a LUFA powered project, to minimize the amount of code required in an application makefile. The system is written in GNU Make, and each module is independent of one-another.

For details on the prerequisites needed for Linux and Windows machines to be able to use the LUFA build system, see Prerequisites.

To use a LUFA build system module, simply add an include to your project makefile. All user projects should at a minimum include The CORE build module for base functionality:

* include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/

Once included in your project makefile, the associated build module targets will be added to your project's build makefile targets automatically. To call a build target, run make {TARGET_NAME} from the command line, substituting in the appropriate target name.

See Also
The Default Application Makefile Template for a copy of the sample LUFA project makefile.

Each build module may have one or more mandatory parameters (GNU Make variables) which must be supplied in the project makefile for the module to work, and one or more optional parameters which may be defined and which will assume a sensible default if not.

Available Modules

The following modules are included in this LUFA release:

If you have problems building using the LUFA build system, see Troubleshooting Information for resolution steps.