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ArchitectureSpecific.h File Reference

Architecture specific definitions relating to specific processor architectures. More...


#define JTAG_ASSERT(Condition)   MACROS{ if (!(Condition)) { JTAG_DEBUG_BREAK(); } }MACROE
#define JTAG_DEBUG_BREAK()   __asm__ __volatile__ ("break" ::)
#define JTAG_DEBUG_POINT()   __asm__ __volatile__ ("nop" ::)
#define JTAG_DISABLE()
#define JTAG_ENABLE()
#define pgm_read_ptr(Address)   (void*)pgm_read_word(Address)
#define STDOUT_ASSERT(Condition)

Detailed Description

Architecture specific macros, functions and other definitions, which relate to specific architectures. This definitions may or may not be available in some form on other architectures, and thus should be protected by preprocessor checks in portable code to prevent compile errors.

Do not include this file directly, rather include the Common.h header file instead to gain this file's functionality.