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USB_Descriptor_Device_t Struct Reference

Standard USB Device Descriptor (LUFA naming conventions). More...

#include <StdDescriptors.h>

Data Fields

USB_Descriptor_Header_t Header
uint16_t USBSpecification
uint8_t Class
uint8_t SubClass
uint8_t Protocol
uint8_t Endpoint0Size
uint16_t VendorID
uint16_t ProductID
uint16_t ReleaseNumber
uint8_t ManufacturerStrIndex
uint8_t ProductStrIndex
uint8_t SerialNumStrIndex
uint8_t NumberOfConfigurations

Detailed Description

Type define for a standard Device Descriptor. This structure uses LUFA-specific element names to make each element's purpose clearer.

See Also
USB_StdDescriptor_Device_t for the version of this type with standard element names.
Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::Class

USB device class.

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::Endpoint0Size

Size of the control (address 0) endpoint's bank in bytes.

USB_Descriptor_Header_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::Header

Descriptor header, including type and size.

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::ManufacturerStrIndex

String index for the manufacturer's name. The host will request this string via a separate control request for the string descriptor.

If no string supplied, use NO_DESCRIPTOR.
uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::NumberOfConfigurations

Total number of configurations supported by the device.

uint16_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::ProductID

Unique product ID for the USB product.

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::ProductStrIndex

String index for the product name/details.

See Also
ManufacturerStrIndex structure entry.
uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::Protocol

USB device protocol.

uint16_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::ReleaseNumber

Product release (version) number.

uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::SerialNumStrIndex

String index for the product's globally unique hexadecimal serial number, in uppercase Unicode ASCII.

On some microcontroller models, there is an embedded serial number in the chip which can be used for the device serial number. To use this serial number, set this to USE_INTERNAL_SERIAL. On unsupported devices, this will evaluate to 0 and will cause the host to generate a pseudo-unique value for the device upon insertion.
See Also
ManufacturerStrIndex structure entry.
uint8_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::SubClass

USB device subclass.

uint16_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::USBSpecification

BCD of the supported USB specification.

uint16_t USB_Descriptor_Device_t::VendorID

Vendor ID for the USB product.

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