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User Projects Powered by LUFA

LUFA is currently in use all around the world, in many applications both commercial and non-commercial. Below is a list of known public LUFA powered projects, which all use the LUFA library in some way. Feel free to visit each project's home page for more information on each project.

If you have a project that you would like to add to this list, please contact me via the details on the main page of this documentation.

AVR-USB Development Boards Using LUFA

The following is a list of known AVR USB development boards, which recommend using LUFA for the USB stack. Some of these are open design, and all are available for purchase as completed development boards suitable for project development.

Projects Using LUFA (Hobbyist)

The following are known hobbyist projects using LUFA. Most are open source, and show off interesting ways that the LUFA library can be incorporated into many different applications.

Projects Using LUFA (Commercial)

The following is a list of known commercial products using LUFA. Some of these are open source, although many are "black-box" solutions with no source code given. Those companies which have purchased a Commercial License to LUFA (see Source Code License) are not listed here unless specifically requested.

Publications Mentioning LUFA

The following are published magazines which have either mentioned or featured the LUFA library.

  • Elektor Magazine, "My First AVR-USB" by Antoine Authier (feature), January 2010 Issue
  • Elektor Magazine, "USB is Cool/Sucks" by Jerry Jacobs and Chris Vossen (minor mention), January 2010 Issue
  • Elektor Magazine, "20 x Open Source" by Jens Nickel, March 2010 Issue
  • Circuit Cellar Magazine, "Advanced USB Design Debugging" by Collin O'Flynn, August 2010 Issue

Other Notable Mentions of LUFA

The following are non-magazine but notable mentions of the LUFA library.

  • Adafruit "Ask an Engineer", 7th November 2010
  • Arduino 2010 Keynote speech
  • The Amp Hour podcast blog #11
  • Blackhat 2011 conference, "Exploiting USB Devices with Arduino"

Non-Official LUFA Ports and Forks

The following are unofficial forks of the LUFA codebase, which implement different features such as support for additional architectures.