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USB_MIDI_StdDescriptor_OutputJack_t Struct Reference

MIDI class-specific Output Jack Descriptor (USB-IF naming conventions). More...

#include <MIDIClassCommon.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bLength
uint8_t bDescriptorType
uint8_t bDescriptorSubtype
uint8_t bJackType
uint8_t bJackID
uint8_t bNrInputPins
uint8_t baSourceID [1]
uint8_t baSourcePin [1]
uint8_t iJack

Detailed Description

Type define for an Audio class-specific MIDI OUT jack. This gives information to the host on a MIDI output, either a physical output jack, or a logical jack (sending output data internally, or to the host via an endpoint).

See also:
USB_MIDI_Descriptor_OutputJack_t for the version of this type with non-standard LUFA specific element names.
Regardless of CPU architecture, these values should be stored as little endian.

Field Documentation

ID of each output pin's source data jack.

Pin number in the input jack of each output pin's source data.

Sub type value used to distinguish between audio class-specific descriptors.

Type of the descriptor, either a value in USB_DescriptorTypes_t or a value given by the specific class.

ID value of this jack - must be a unique value within the device.

Type of jack, one of the JACKTYPE_* mask values.

Size of the descriptor, in bytes.

Number of output channels within the jack, either physical or logical.

Index of a string descriptor describing this descriptor within the device.

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