LUFA Library  120219
USB Core - LUFA/Drivers/USB/USB.h


 HID Report Parser

USB Human Interface Device (HID) Class report descriptor parser.

 Device Management

USB Device management definitions for USB device mode.

 Endpoint Management

Endpoint management definitions.

 USB Events

USB Event management definitions.

 Host Management

USB Host management definitions for USB host mode.

 USB On The Go (OTG) Management

USB OTG management definitions.

 Pipe Management

Pipe management definitions.

 USB Descriptors

Standard USB Descriptor definitions.

 Standard USB Requests

USB control endpoint request definitions.

 USB Interface Management

USB Controller definitions for general USB controller management.

 USB Mode Tokens

USB mode and feature support definitions.

Detailed Description

Module Source Dependencies

The following files must be built with any user project that uses this module:

Module Description

Driver and framework for the USB controller of the selected architecture and microcontroller model. This module consists of many submodules, and is designed to provide an easy way to configure and control USB host, device or OTG mode USB applications.

The USB stack requires the sole control over the USB controller in the microcontroller only; i.e. it does not require any additional timers or other peripherals to operate. This ensures that the USB stack requires as few resources as possible.

The USB stack can be used in Device Mode for connections to USB Hosts (see Device Management), in Host mode for hosting of other USB devices (see Host Management), or as a dual role device which can either act as a USB host or device depending on what peripheral is connected (see USB On The Go (OTG) Management). Both modes also require a common set of USB management functions found USB Interface Management.

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