LUFA Library  120219

Board specific LED driver header for the Atmel EVK1100.


#define LEDS_LED1   (1UL << 19)
#define LEDS_LED2   (1UL << 20)
#define LEDS_LED3   (1UL << 21)
#define LEDS_LED4   (1UL << 22)
#define LEDS_LED5   (1UL << 27)
#define LEDS_LED6   (1UL << 28)
#define LEDS_LED7   (1UL << 29)
#define LEDS_LED8   (1UL << 30)
#define LEDS_NO_LEDS   0

Define Documentation

                                      LEDS_LED5 | LEDS_LED6 | LEDS_LED7 | LEDS_LED8)

LED mask for all the LEDs on the board.

#define LEDS_LED1   (1UL << 19)

LED mask for the first LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED2   (1UL << 20)

LED mask for the second LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED3   (1UL << 21)

LED mask for the third LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED4   (1UL << 22)

LED mask for the fourth LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED5   (1UL << 27)

LED mask for the fifth LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED6   (1UL << 28)

LED mask for the sixth LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED7   (1UL << 29)

LED mask for the seventh LED on the board.

#define LEDS_LED8   (1UL << 30)

LED mask for the eighth LED on the board.

#define LEDS_NO_LEDS   0

LED mask for the none of the board LEDs

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