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SerialSPI_XMEGA.h File Reference

Master SPI Mode Serial USART Peripheral Driver (XMEGA) More...

#include "../../../Common/Common.h"
#include <stdio.h>


SPI SCK Polarity Configuration Masks
SPI Sample Edge Configuration Masks
SPI Data Ordering Configuration Masks


static void SerialSPI_Init (USART_t *const USART, const uint8_t SPIOptions, const uint32_t BaudRate)
static void SerialSPI_Disable (USART_t *const USART)
static uint8_t SerialSPI_TransferByte (USART_t *const USART, const uint8_t DataByte)
static void SerialSPI_SendByte (USART_t *const USART, const uint8_t DataByte)
static uint8_t SerialSPI_ReceiveByte (USART_t *const USART)

Detailed Description

On-chip Master SPI mode USART driver for the XMEGA AVR microcontrollers.

This file should not be included directly. It is automatically included as needed by the SPI Master Mode USART driver dispatch header located in LUFA/Drivers/Peripheral/Serial.h.
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