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InterruptManagement.h File Reference

Interrupt Controller Driver for the AVR32 UC3 microcontrollers. More...


#define INTC_IRQ_GROUP(IRQIndex)   (IRQIndex / 32)
#define INTC_IRQ_LINE(IRQIndex)   (IRQIndex % 32)


void INTC_Init (void)
static void INTC_RegisterGroupHandler (const uint16_t GroupNumber, const uint8_t InterruptLevel, const InterruptHandlerPtr_t Handler) ATTR_ALWAYS_INLINE
static uint_reg_t INTC_GetGroupInterrupts (const uint16_t GroupNumber) ATTR_ALWAYS_INLINE

Detailed Description

Interrupt controller driver for the AVR32 UC3 microcontrollers, for the configuration of interrupt handlers within the device.

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