LUFA 111009 Released!

Hurrah, the new LUFA is here! It’s been quite a while since the last actual LUFA release as I noted in my last post, although the number of changes doesn’t reflect this as much as I’d like. This is mostly due to my attentions being focused at my University Final Year Project for the last few months, but that will come to an end very soon. Still, as people have seen from the beta version released a week or two ago, there are a few very important improvements that I’ve made to the LUFA codebase which hopefully everyone can enjoy.

I’ll spare everyone a long and boring update on my robot until I have it back – it’s currently “on holiday” being demonstrated to some high schools to attract new engineering students – and just leave you all with the usual download links. What can I say, I’m tired today.

As always, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed towards making this release just that much better than it could have been. Three cheers for the LUFA community!

Share and enjoy!

Package Download: Download Link

Documentation: Documentation Link

Online Documentation: Online Documentation

Changelog: Changelog Link

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Is there a reason you left out the USBtoSerial project in LUFA 111009?


Never mind! Ignore that comment.


Hi Dean, currently I am attempting to use LUFA with an XMega64A3U and CDC simple virtual serial.
No way… Windows keeps saying me that the device is unknown. I don’t think the issue has to do with Windows driver.
Did you test CDC with the XMega-U devices? Any suggestion?



As the manual says, the XMEGA port is currently incomplete. I’m working on it off and on while I finish up my University thesis, but there’s absolutely no way the latest release is in any way functional on any of the XMEGA devices.

– Dean


Well, I understand your priority.
If there is that can be done to help, please let us know


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