LUFA 101122 BETA 2 Is Out

I’ve just released the second beta of the 101122 LUFA release. This new beta incorporates some changes I’ve made to the way the USB class drivers work; rather than being entirely separate to the USB core driver, their header files are now automatically included when the LUFA USB core is used. This is now possible due to the name-spacing changes I’ve made to the class driver constants, which has allowed me to commit some giant patches to the codebase to clean up the LowLevel demos. Whereas before the LowLevel demos were entirely separate to the class drivers both in implementation and in constant definitions, the new code makes use of the class driver constants.

What does this mean? Cleaner code in the long run; no need to repeat constant definitions if your application needs constants defined in a class driver. I’ve also committed some changes which make proper global definitions for the common Descriptor Class, Subclass and Protocol values in the demos into the USB library core and class drivers, leading to more self-documenting code.

Please don’t forget to download the new beta and test it out so I can fix any errors before the full official release next month.

In a quick bit of other news, the first LUFA powered alternative ATMEGA8U2 firmware for the Arduino UNO has been released – I was beaten to the punch by another developer, and I couldn’t be happier since it means less work for my already overloaded schedule. This is the first of hopefully many alternative Uno firmwares to help extend the board’s usefulness.

Finally today so I can get to freaking bed – it’s nearly 1AM as I write this post – is that my new Rigol DS1052E oscilloscope arrived today! I haven’t had a chance to really put it through its paces yet, but so far it looks to be every bit as good as I had hoped. More on that later.


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Hi Dean
first off all congratulation for you work.
Did you start the intership at ATMEL in Norway?
In case you want to what to visiting Italy too, you are welcome.
I would like to ask you someting about lat realease of LUFA….
I read the list of sample code that you inserted in the documentation an it seems to me that there is no mention about Bluetooth and RFCOM.
I’m very interested in that feature because as I sad you same time ago I would like to implement BT in my project using normal commercial dongle.
Could you give me some information concerning the evolution and progress that you reached in that library.

Best regards

Mirko Ugolini


Hi Mirko,

Sorry for my lateness – yours is the first comment to have been improperly categorized as spam in a very long while for me, so I don’t check the spam box very often.

The LUFA Bluetooth host code is still alpha quality, and this is not considered good enough for general use. However, the latest working code (with working RFCOMM data in both directions once the connection is established from a Linux PC) is included in the latest BETA revisions under the Demos\Host\Incomplete\BluetoothHost\ folder if you want to try it out.

– Dean


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