Win a free ISP/TPI/PDI Programmer!


That’s right folks! Only here do you get the chance to win one of three AVRISP-MKII clone programmers, ready made and shipped to you entirely for free! These three programmers are all the new V1.1a board revision of Tom’s excellent design and manufacture, worth US$33 each. Tom sent me one a few weeks ago to test out, and I’m so happy with it I thought I’d buy three from him and give them away here to LUFA users. This is the programmer I’m talking about:


The USBTINY-MKII programmer features high speed ISP, TPI and PDI programming (for all 8-bit AVRs, including the new 6-pin TINY and the gigantic XMEGA chips) as well as native AVRStudio 4 compatibility, logic level translation, target powering from the USB bus, and easy firmware upgrades via the USB interface. At the core of the programmer is an AT90USB162, running my LUFA AVRISP-MKII firmware. That means the programmer itself is open source, and you’ll receive future updates for it through the regular LUFA releases.

For more information of the USBTINY-MKII programmer, see Tom’s website page about it.


How do you win one? Simple. Just submit a full bug report for a reproducible bug in the current SVN repository, LUFA 100807 BETA package or (eventually) the 100807 official release via email, and you’ll go into the draw. At the end of August, I’ll randomly select three bug reporters as the winners of one of these most excellent pieces of hardware. That’s it – you don’t even need to post a fix for the bug, just report it. The more new bug reports you submit, the more chances you have to win.

All eligible bug reports must be submitted to me before the 30th of August, 2010, and must contain full details of how to reproduce the bug, including the exact version/revision of LUFA, the hardware and software used.

You can download the current 100807 BETA and – when it is ready – official release from the LUFA project page. Happy hunting!


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Darnit, should never have sent in that bug a week ago…


Duh ! Dean where are you at ?

Just as well you didn’t get an internship at Microsoft.

Bugs are a way to get more dosh out of captive users !!

You are not meant to give stuff away when they find them.

You’re too talented and nice for this cruel world.

Cynically yours,
Can we Brits still say cheers, or is that Globally no PC ?


Hi Richard!

> Bugs are a way to get more dosh out of captive users !!
> You are not meant to give stuff away when they find them.

Aha, but this is a win-win situation for everyone! This way, I end up with more people testing, resulting in potentially more users and thus more potential license sales. In addition, it also makes the codebase better, making it more attractive to everyone involved. For the users, there’s the chance of free hardware, so I consider it a good investment.

Who knows, if it’s successful I might do it as a regular thing. The less bugs the better.

– Dean

(PS: I still think “cheers” is a better sign-off than “kind regards”, but that’s just me…)


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The LUFA AVRISP MkII Clone doesn’t list in /dev in osx 10.6.8. Any hints what to do (except for using a usb1 hub? – still have to try it)


What does your dmesg log (or equivalent OSX kernel log) look like when you plug it in? Is this a new problem with the latest firmware revisions, or is it a problem with all revisions and that version of OSX?

– Dean


Hello Dean,
do you know where I can get a USBTinyMkII Rev 2.0C [] from Tom_L, or can you put me in contact with him?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Paul,

I’m not sure if Tom still makes them, but there’s alternatives (such as the recent EHajo Kickstarter one). Tom is usually floating around on the #avr IRC channel of Freenode.

– Dean


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