Acer Aspire One

Last Friday I completely caved and bought a new Acer Aspire One “Netbook” laptop, for the princely sum of AU$500 after cashback. I’ve had my eye on the super-portable netbooks for a while, and with the price drop I could finally afford one without feeling too guilty about it.

So far, I love it. I really wish Acer provided some physical recovery media (how hard would it be to include a $5 USB stick with a bootable XP install on it?) but other than that, it’s a (tiny) dream. It’s nice to now have the choice of lugging my budget heavy power monster of a laptop around, or stick to the tiny netbook when watching videos or surfing the web.

The keyboard’s taken a few days to get used to, since it’s only 95% scale. I’ve also installed the excellent A1CTL software which provides better fan management, temperature monitoring, battery monitoring and easy hardware-disable for better battery life. Neat.

Best toy I’ve ever bought. Now, if I can sort out an easy way to recover should it corrupt itself, I could have a go at installing those netbook-customized versions of Ubuntu on it to dual-boot…


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Hello 🙂

I am being coding my projects and reading a lot on my AA1 since August 2008 😉 – I go to work all days by train and bicycle, I use a lot my AA1 on train and sometimes I use my electronic boards and the netbook on train, pleple look a lot 😉 — but it just runs GNU/Linux Ubuntu 😉 — and my girlfriend also bought one, on last Christmas 😉


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