Production DB101

Today marks the day that my production version DB101 display board arrived at my house. Oh joy of joys!

Unfortunately it’s a short-lived euphoria, as I can’t play with it at the moment. I’m now nearing the end of my first year at University, and final exams aren’t top far off – only three or four weeks. That’s accompanied by quite a lot of work to get done, and not a whole lot of time to do it in.

However, I managed to get a few very quick photos and (short) videos showing off the production version board, including the very cool RGB backlight.

As the accompanying note from the kind Atmel engineer who sent it says, to enable the backlight functionality of the board an external VCC of at least 3.5V needs to be supplied. Voltages below that critical threshold will still work fine with the board, but all backlight functionality will be hidden and disabled.

Connecting the board up to the Target VCC lines of my STK500 shows that that backlight has some real power! The screen’s quite readable even in low light levels, but the backlight allows for full readability in total darkness as expected. What I didn’t expect was just how cool a RGB backlight looks!

Other than the above, the final board looks pretty much unchanged, and identical to the previously photographed board. It’s nice to hear that it’ll be avaliable as soon as next week for ordering through Atmel distributors, so get your credit cards ready! The new Atmel DB101 is expected to retail at US$79.

The new photos and videos are available for viewing and downloading here.



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